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Welcome to LDuke3d (Lemo's Duke3D engine). The goal of the project is to build a 3d engine that:

bulletis capable of importing the game data from DukeNukem3D (levels, textures, scripts)
bulletextend the original game with better graphics, AI, physics
bulletprovide a framework to experiment various ideas and algorithms related to first person shooters

LDuke3d is not a duke3d/build 'port' or 'conversion', although someone could use some of the code to add OpenGL rendering to an existing duke3d derived project.


This project is not associated with the official Duke Nukem 3d game. The official Duke Nukem 3d page can be found at http://www.3drealms.com/duke3d/



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What's  New

bulletNov 25th: the website is finally back online
bulletMar 5th: Duke's handgun model screenshoots
bulletJan 30: Shotgun model + UI screenshoot
bulletJan 5: 3D model for the 'devastator'! (screenshoots)
bulletDec 27: New screen shoots, link to my new blog (links section)
bulletOct 17: Updated the source code snapshot (minor fixes only)
bulletAug 29: New release (game.exe binary only for now)
bulletJul 10: A new release, together with a full source code update (lduke3d and lfc1)
bulletMay 24: Updated 'game.exe'
bulletMay 15: After a long break, a new release is finally available! (with plenty of cool new stuff!)
bulletDec 27: A simple but functional sound subsystem is almost complete (no support for midi/music yet)
bulletNov 25: After exactly one month, the website is back online!
bulletThe website will be shut down between Oct 25th and Nov 2nd.
bulletOct 14: The project is going to be moved (slowly) to SourceForge! This means CVS, forums, discussion lists, and more! Check out LDuke3D project's page.
bulletOct 5: Sprites! They are finally here, they look good and they are ready to kick some ass! Take a look! (3dMap has been updated too!)
bulletSep 13: My old server machine broke down. I had to buy a new machine and set it up. It took some time, as I was very busy during this time, but finally we're back online! Expect some engine updates soon :-)
bulletAugust 16: The mirrors are finally here!
bulletJuly 21: Lots of new changes! Masking, one way walls are now implemented, along with transparency support. I updated the notes and added a bunch of new screenshots.
bulletJuly 18: The project is not dead! I've been busy for the past month but I finished some of the things on my to-do list, and I updated the 3dMap binaries and the sources.
bulletMay 17: More internal improvements, see notes. Also, I updated the binaries for 3dMap.
bulletMay 10: Internal improvements for better performance (see notes)
bulletApril 27: Portals code is rewritten to better handle maps with large number of sectors visible at the same time
bulletApril 19: I implemented the collision detection function, check out the new 3dMap
bulletApril 12: added a new page 'notes'
bulletApril 02: setup fog parameters based on sector's visibility
bulletMarch 30: Mip-mapping and fogging
bulletMarch 28: I released the source code for the project, you can find it on the download page
bulletMarch 23: the first version of the projects' website


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